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Colorado Artist Julie Bergeron; Oil pianting, Wathercolor,

Julie Bergeron

Julie and her husband, Charles live 9000 feet in the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains near Divide, Colorado. They have six children, (losing one to a premature birth.)

As the daughter of a missionary couple stationed in the remote desert lands of the Southwest, Julie was raised in the culture and life style of the Navajo Indian people. Born with a natural ability to artistically capture the beauty of her surroundings, Julie soon became proficient in numerous art mediums. Her professional career was initiated as a free-lance graphic designer with many of her designs being published at the age of twelve. In those earlier years, she was also commissioned to do oil paintings for private art collectors. Throughout her married life she continued to raise her children while mainly distributing her paintings through a national wholesale broker.  At the age of 39 her professional career was abruptly changed when she and her daughter, Joy, were in a tragic head-on car accident that nearly took Julie's life and seriously injured Joy.

Surviving through the trauma and pain, Julie experienced art to be the therapy and understanding to her own heart and soul. It opened up a path to understand the grief of a complicated pregnancy, which resulted in the death of her infant son, Brance. The I Give My Tears ministry is dedicated to Brance's memory. Through this ministry, she has turned her tragedy into a passion of joy, facilitating hope into the hearts of others.

"I don't take my talent for granted anymore. The damage from the head injuries could easily have stolen my talent away. I thank God every day for this gift of art. I find I can express feelings of joy and peace, pain and sorrow and being able to put these thoughts on canvas is a great fulfillment."    ~ Julie Bergeron

Julie is a professional artist, founder and president of "I Give My Tears" ministry headquartered in Divide, Colorado.  I Give My Tears, Inc. is a Christian Art Ministry that reaches out to those who are hurting from traumatic situations. The ministry functions nationally as well as internationally through conferences; support groups, special gatherings, Hospice, and also works with individuals through the Internet.

Julie has traveled to Russia five times with Children's HopeChest helping to put on camps and also traveled with a Life Skills Institute team from the U.S. where she was able to present Art Expression Therapy to the Russian orphan children. Her ministry has been used and presented in Hawaii, Scotland, Africa, and Egypt, as well as across the United States.

Her passion for helping people who are hurting, and the privilege of being able to share hope is what inspires her to continue reaching out through her art and her ability to serve others.

Julie finds her self enjoying many versatile art mediums:

Oils, watercolor, acrylic, sketching, pen and ink, and artist clays for sculpting.

She smiles as she mentions, "Anything that is presented before me, becomes a canvas to create on."



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